Here's How Music teachers like you can be paid promoting music services and products 

 Hi. My name is Gemma, and since becoming a parent I struggled to balance the demands of normal music teaching hours with raising my young family. I was spending more and more time on activities that weren't growing my business. In 2022 I took a course on Freelance Digital Marketing and I knew I wanted to do it as part of my music teaching business. 

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There were loads of tutorials online, but eventually when I finally discovered The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, it was what I had unknowingly been looking for!  

On the next page, I'm going to explain exactly how I was able to do this, and how you can get started as well, even as a complete beginner. 

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This has nothing to do with MLM or Network Marketing, there are no obligations to proceed with anything and it's just provides training and skill development details about being paid a commission when someone follows your link and buys a product or service.