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Why am I hearing so much about Freelance Digital Marketing in 2023?

Saturday, April 15, 2023 by Gemma Wilkins | Digital Marketing

Different names, same thing

Affiliate marketing, also known as Freelance Digital Marketing, has been around for decades, but in recent years, it has gained significant attention and popularity among online entrepreneurs and marketers.

How freelance digital marketing works 

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where businesses pay affiliates (also known as publishers) a commission for promoting their products or services.

Here's how it works:

  1. A business creates an affiliate program and provides a unique affiliate link or code to their affiliates.

  2. Affiliates promote the business's products or services using their unique affiliate link or code on their website, social media accounts, email list, or other marketing channels.

  3. When a potential customer clicks on an affiliate's link and makes a purchase or completes a desired action (such as filling out a form or signing up for a free trial), the affiliate earns a commission based on the agreed-upon rate.

  4. The business tracks the sales or actions generated by each affiliate using affiliate tracking software, which provides data on clicks, conversions, and commissions.

What's changed that it is being talked about more?

In 2023, affiliate marketing is being talked about more than ever before, and here are some reasons I think why.

E-commerce and online shopping has created a massive opportunity for affiliate marketing. As more people shop online, companies are looking for new ways to reach and convert customers. Affiliate marketing provides a cost-effective way for businesses to reach a wider audience and drive more sales. With the right affiliate marketing strategy in place, companies can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and leverage the influence of trusted partners to promote their products and services.

Additionally, the emergence of social media influencers and content creators has fueled the growth of affiliate marketing. Influencers and creators have large followings and can influence their audiences' purchasing decisions. Brands are now partnering with influencers proactively to promote their products through affiliate marketing, providing a win-win situation for both parties.

The advancements in technology and analytics have made affiliate marketing more accessible and easier to track for businesses and marketers alike.  With the use of affiliate tracking software and tools, businesses can now track their affiliate marketing campaigns' success and ROI. This has made it easier for businesses to justify their investment in affiliate marketing and optimize their campaigns for better results.

And really, one of the bigger pushes I think is the hangover from the pandemic accelerating the shift towards online shopping, further boosting the demand for affiliate marketing. With more people staying at home, or looking for ways to work from home, Freelance Digital Marketing provides an excellent opportunity for companies to expand their reach and drive more sales in an increasingly digital world.

So really, these are the main reasons I think we are hearing so much Freelance Digital Marketing in 2023 because it provides a cost-effective, scalable, and measurable way for companies to reach and convert customers online. With the right strategy in place, Freelance Digital Marketing  can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes and industries to grow their online presence and increase their revenue.

Learn how to start for your studio 

I learnt how to implement Freelance Digital Marketing into my music studio business by taking a very valuable and affordable marketing course, for more details checkout the newbie checklist resource here.